Society of Oil Savers (SOS) is a Not for Profit organization created to work to generate & spread awareness about the importance of conserving precious OIL resources through recycling of used LUBRICATING OIL. Our association is focusing on Used Oil recycling industry where we have been discouraging improper disposal practices of Used Oil and promoting Used Oil Recycling.

The objective of SOS is to streamline collection & distribution of used oil to actual recyclers, facilatate recyclers to enhance Technology / Capacity / Quality and supply refined base oil to major oil companies. Encourage cradle to grave priniciple and "closed loop".

Used Oil

Used Oil is a hazardous waste that is drained from engines / machinery after use containing heavy hydrocarbons and metal contents.
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Improper Disposal

Burning of used oil is very dangerous as it causes great air pollution due to formation of toxic metal oxides and high release of CO2 due to combustion of heavy hydrocarbon.
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Used Oil Refining

Is the most intelligent solution for disposal of used oil. converts pollutant into valuable base oil ( 1 litre used oil into 0.7 litre base oil ) Reduces import and saves foreign exchange Protects environment and carbon footprints
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Be The Agent of Change

SOS Launches #BeProud2Recycle Campaign #JoinOilSavers to contribute for environment, conservation and nation building. Enrol as member today for a brighter tomorrow.
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About SOS

Recycling will help us build a better and cleaner India.It will help in conservation of petroleum products, Saving foreign exchange, Keeping the environment clean.

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