Society of Oil Savers (SOS) is a not for profit organization working in the field of environment, conservation of petroleum products and promoting recycling. It is actively working to spread awareness about the importance of conserving precious OIL resources through proper collection, distribution and recycling. UNEP’s philosophy is to consume with care and be responsible in consumption of natural resources. We are taking this initiative by launching the campaign #BeProud2Recycle ( Resource recovery program ). SOS is inviting every citizen to join, contribute and enrol as members ( Oil Generators / Collectors / Recyclers / Oil Companies / OEM’s / Associations / Volunteers / Technology providers / Others ) in this campaign at all levels. This platform has been created for effective participation of every citizen encouraging patriotism, environment protection and conservation. SOS is focusing on Used Oil recycling industry which requires lot of hand holding i.e. encouragement, recognition, technical up-gradation, governmental support, financial assistance and marketing support to enable the industry in reaching the advanced countries standards.


• Generate and spread awareness regarding environment protection, conservation,
• Registering the generators of used / waste oils, oil recyclers, collectors, oil marketing companies as members.
• Organizing the collection and distribution of used / waste oil.
• Promoting the concept of recycling.
• Conservation of petroleum products
• Reduction in foreign exchange
• Technology modernisation and up-gradation
• Provide marketing support
• Facilitate financial support
• Carrying out online trading of waste / used oil between generators and actual recyclers
• Carrying out online trading of refined base oil between recycler and OEM / Oil companies
• Provide environmental compliances for members

About SOS

Recycling will help us build a better and cleaner India.It will help in conservation of petroleum products, Saving foreign exchange, Keeping the environment clean.

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